Watermelon Growers

Registered Growers of `Genuine Cave City Watermelons`


Registered Growers of `Genuine Cave City Watermelons`

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  • Brian Carter Watermelons

    Brian Carter - 870-283-2147

  • Tim Carter Watermelons

    Tim Carter: I am a 4th generation watermelon farmer  I cannot remember not being around watermelon farming.  As a kid, I raised watermelons with my grandpa, Billy Carter. My dad, .Johnny Carter owned and operated Johnny Carter Farms and I helped him until he passed away in 2009. I decided to carry on the  tradition and raised my first solo melon crop the next spring. My wife Britney and our 2 sons also help. My oldest son Grayson is 10 and my youngest, John Alan is 6. The melon stand is on Main Street next to Dollar General. The melon farm is on Cold Creek Road. 

    Tim Carter 870-283-7023

  • Edwardson Family

    Dylan Edwardson 870-283-4232.  

    Stand is located on Hwy. 167, directly across from Dollar General.

  • Johnson Brothers Watermelons

    Johnson Brothers Watermelons is a family operated business consisting of Gary & Becky & Phillip & Julie.  Brothers, Gary and Phillip are 3rd generation watermelon growers. Johnson Brothers was established in 1976.  They are located 2 1/2 miles north of Cave City.

    Phillip 870-307-9632

    Gary 870-283-2854

  • Kevin Moore Farms

    Kevin Moore - 870-283-2043

  • Patterson Brothers

    Patterson Brothers Farms


  • Simpson Farms

    Simpson Farms

    DeWayne and Tina Lewis-Simpson  870-307-5441, 870-283-6297
    Andy and Laura Simpson French 870-307-5462

    Simpson Farms is a family owned and operated small farming business in the Cave City area for the past 29 years.

    Husband and wife owners DeWayne Simpson and Tina Lewis-Simpson manage the business with the help of their daughter Laura Simpson-French and son-in-law Andy French, which consists of cattle, hogs, sheep and produce.

    In addition to the world famous Cave City melons, they sell custom butchered meats and other small produce.

    Simpson Farms have been growing Cave City melons for retail for the past several years, the family roots go much deeper than that. The farm, located on HWY 230 Cave City, has been in the Lewis family for many years.

    Tina's great uncle, Orville Girtman served as the first melon growers association treasurer in 1938, which served Sharp and Independence counties.

    `We feel quite honored to continue the heritage of raising the world's sweetest melons on our family land, as well as participating in the Cave City Watermelon Festival. We are happy to support the Watermelon Festival Committee in their endeavor to sustain the legacy of celebrating the harvest of the melon`.

  • Perkey & Wooldridge Farms

    Denise Perkey Wooldridge:  Arbra Perkey has been growing watermelons for over 40 years, and of course I helped Dad when I was at home.
    Chad has been growing watermelons for over 35 years, he also helped his father Danny Wooldridge as a child. Chad's grandparents Garland and Ozella Mobley, were also watermelon growers.
    SInce Chad and I got married, we have been growing watermelons with our family, Lindsey Wooldridge King and Rustin Wooldridge.
    In 2006 Arbra and Chad went into business together. We not only grow watermelons and cantaloupes, but we grow a big garden and sell vegetables. In the fall we have pumpkins, fall decorations and mums. We are located at 1424 Hwy 167 Cave City AR.

    Abra Perkey - 870-307-2666

    Chad Wooldridge - 870-613-1915

  • J. W. & Wendell Perkey Farms

    870-283-4395, 870-283-5918


City Park - 100 Park Street Cave City, AR


The first watermelon festival was held in August 1980. The one day Chamber of Commerce event, The Cave City Watermelon Parade, showcased “The World’s Sweetest Watermelons” and the businesses of Cave City. Vendor booths were scattered throughout town to encourage parade goers to visit city merchants.

The parade drew over 2,400 people to town. Former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was the guest of honor and Paula Johnson was crowned the first “Watermelon Queen.” The park was filled with music, games, food and people. The only thing in short supply was WATERMELONS! The summer of 1980 was exceptionally dry, and by the time parade rolled around most of the area growers melon crop had dried up. Fortunately, there was one exception. Herschel Runsick had planted his melons in the Strawberry River bottoms and had enough for that first free watermelon feast.

In the years that followed the parade grew into a three day event. Catfish dinners, pancake breakfasts, talent shows, watermelon judging contests, 5k runs, ice cream making contests, car shows and local entertainment have filled the event calendar.

Throughout its 38 year history, several different individuals and groups have organized the festival. Events changed with the changing of time, but some things have remained constant. The focus of the festival is still “The World’s Sweetest Watermelons” and the businesses of Cave City. The festival has grown into a sort of homecoming. Family and class reunions are planned around the festivities and at any given time during the 3 days you will find old friends reunited once again. For three days every August, people from across the country come here to slow down and enjoy one of Arkansas’ best festivals. If you’ve never been, or have been away too long, we invite you to grab a lawn chair and stay awhile.